NOTE: As of 10/27/2016, this page is heavily outdated. Please contact me for links to more recent works.

Below is a list of web sites created by AM Web Design. The list may not include all sites built, as sites that are not finished or those whom have requested to not be included will not be displayed.


MyAccessoryDiva.com Circle
MyAccessoryDiva.com is an e-commerce site that sells jewelry. It was created using the GoDaddy Quick Shopping Cart product. It includes many customizations to an existing template.


MyMandarinChinese.com Circle
MyMandarinChinese.com is a basic website for Tracy Lin's business, which is to teach others Mandarin Chinese. It has information about her, her company, testimonials and more.


Enlivity.com Circle
Enlivity.com is basic website for their company, which is centered around making renewable energy. It contains information about their company, how the technology works and a contact page for visitors to contact them.


SoxxiMusic.com Circle
SoxxiMusic.com is a one page website for a DJ (Disc Jockey) in Las Vegas. The site was built to promote herself as an artist and provide contact information.


KarenTrueSamsonLCSW.com Circle
KarenTrueSamsonLCSW.com is a basic website for a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. The site was built to get her business out on the web and provide service & contact information.


HRLearningSolutions.com Circle
HRLearningSolutions.com is a web site for their sexual harassment prevention training business. It provides multiple pages where people can find out about their products, view sample videos, purchase products and request free previews.


MidLyfCrysis.com Circle
MidLyfCrysis.com is a web site for their band. It includes tour dates, photos, videos, audio and more. This site was built with a full admin section so they can update their information at any time.


BeGreene.co Circle
Begreene.co is a web site for their landscaping business. It is a one page website that displays information about their company and contact information.


SacramentoPlumbingSolutions.com Circle
SacramentoPlumbingSolutions.com is a web site for their plumbing business. It displays their information about the services offered and contact information.


eSPESH.com Circle
eSPESH.com is a web site dedicated to advertising daily specials for local businesses. Visitors can save these specials, receive text notifications, receive e-mail notifications & more. This site was built with a full admin section with managable reports.


RickDurden.com Circle
RickDurden.com is a resume site. The main purpose of this site was to provide contact information, areas of expertise in aviation law, experience in general aviation & a reference of published articles in regards to aviation.


MsSchloss.com Circle
MsSchloss.com was built for an elementary school teacher so her students and their parents can access homework assignments, make blog posts, email her and more. This site was built with a full admin section so she can edit homework assignments, blog posts, etc.


GamerSoundtracks.com Circle
GamerSoundtracks.com is a web site dedicated to video game music. Visitors can sign on and post files of remixes, covers, sheet music & more. This site was built with a full admin section so the owner can manage files, message board posts, etc.
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